Practical informations about Royan

Royan in a few

Spa treatment, vineyard visits, surfing courses or even discovery of the historic heritage and unusual buildings of the city, Royan offers a large range of activities during your holiday.

Rebuilt after the Second World War, Royan is a city with a very specific architecture that makes its charm. Its 1950s architecture is punctuated by quite unusual monuments: the covered market, the Notre-Dame church, and the congress centre with a cubist design. Royan is definitely a very special city on this part of the French Atlantic coast. The self catering accommodation you find in Royan are as diverses as the city is.

How to get there?

By car: from Paris, you need approximatively 4h45 (509 km) to reach Royan through the A10 (highway) and then the local road. People coming from Bordeaux will need 1h45 for the 126 km between the two cities while coming from La Rochelle means 1h15 (72 km).

By boat between Royan / Le Verdon: the crossing takes approximately 20 minutes. However, if you come from the south, taking this ferry, you avoid going through the city of Bordeaux and the busy traffic while crossing the Dordogne and Garrone bridges.

By train: from Montparnasse train station in Paris, you have 13 connections per day allowing you to reach Royan. The trip is approximatively 5 hours with a stop in Angouleme.

By plane: the airport of La Rochelle Ile de Re is 1 hour from Royan while the one of Bordeaux Merignac is 1h40.

When should I come?

The nicest months in Royan are from May to October. At this time of the year, the sea temperature can be up to 20°C. However, winter season is quite pleasant too. You can benefit from a very sunny climate all year long and the temperatures are never really low.

Good to know

Royan is definitely full of charms and its environments allow great escapes outside the vity. You will find in Royan surroundings two villages listed among the most beautiful villages in France: Mornac sur Seudre and Talmont sur Gironde. Medieval taste, oysters are characteristics from those villages.